Howdy, Is This Thing On?

my fursona panicking in front of a laptop surrounded by fire with text saying 'oh no' above
Some art from @mollowmollow

Since things are uh... collapsing? I thought it'd be a good idea to finally get my blog up and running. Come in, get comfy and take a look around! Cozy right?

Getting Started (Again)

Ok admittedly, this is my 4th attempt at making a blog. This time I'm using Zola which is like Hugo or Jekyll but more Rust-y and less JavaScript-y. I can't make any comparisons beyond that because I haven't used either, but my initial impressions of Zola are good! The theme you're looking at I made from scratch using Tailwind which is the only way I can do frontend web stuff now.

I wanted to move away from what I had been using in the past (Ghost) and have my blog sit in a git repo in plain text instead. How I currently have things set up means when I push any changes to the blog's GitHub repo an action runner will automatically build my site (in about 17ms!), compile Caddy, embed the site into the binary using caddy-embed (in... a lot more than 17ms!), then finally push it as an image to DockerHub. My server will then see this new image, hot-swap it, and start serving my blog straight from memory!

Little Gremlin

You can't see him unfortunately (try looking at this page on a larger screen) but I hope you like my little rantsona in the sidebar! He took the longest to get working out of everything if you can believe it. I can disable him on a per-article basis, you don't have to worry about him 🤔-ing the more serious posts.